on THE SOURCE legit sellers can sell real exclusive unreleased music and serious buyers can purchase them.

Everything in a secure and verified environment.

You are a serious seller and you are sick of having to be online 24/7 hours and doing everything manually?
Then we can make your life easier.

You are a serious buyer and you are sick of having to wait for every seller or middleman for hours or even for days?
Then we can also make your life easier.

THE SOURCE has game-changing systems which both serve sellers and buyers,
just for example the integrated automated Satoshi system.

This automated and secure system let's you buy without even having to wait for a seller or a middleman!

Every song up for sale from each person has to be verified with THE SOURCE
and to keep the exclusiveness of every song,
everything on THE SOURCE will always only be sold 1-time.

What else makes THE SOURCE so special?
On THE SOURCE you will find material available for you to purchase that you won't find nowhere else.
Material from top tier artists and even from artists that have never been listed nowhere else before!

Sounds good so far?
Then you don't want to miss this news.

We have several exciting and game-changing Marketplace Tiers,
which will protect the privacy of the sellers and buyers.

THE SOURCE has 3 different Marketplace Tiers:

Marketplace Tier3
This is your entrance to the world of THE SOURCE.
It is the lowest Tier where sellers will mostly sell songs that are not supposed to be vaulted
and more public groupbuys will be done here.
You want to get your own exclusive account and get access to our unique MARKETPLACE?
Then you can join us by clicking the Register button on the bottom of the site.

Marketplace Tier2
You will be able to see this section once you have proved to be a serious buyer in
Marketplace Tier3 and you have completed 1 purchase.
In this section sellers will post even more and even better songs for you.

Marketplace Tier1
You will only be able to see this section if you are 1 of a few selected people.
Here sellers will only sell really special songs
which are extremely hard to get and songs that are simply outstanding.

THE SOURCE is not about leaks.
It is a platform that specializes in providing the best and most secure environment possible.

We don't tolerate exposing or any kinds of doxing and you should all treat each other with some respect.

THE SOURCE is a highly confidential platform.

Any kind of leaking info,
snippet fishing to force leaks or any actions against us, any sellers or buyers on this platform will result in a permanent ban.

We hope you enjoy THE SOURCE!

Thank you,